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Learn about this patent pending mobile app and how it is going to revolutionize recycling and put money in YOUR pocket!

What is RecyProcity?

What is RecyProcity?


The RecyProcity App is the first platform of its kind that turns your recyclable materials into CASH - conveniently, easily, and FAST!

(It can also help you save money on waste removal, too!)


How RecyProcity can work for YOU


Schools, Restaurants/Pubs, Entertainment Venues, businesses of all kinds, even waste management companies, find out how you can benefit from RecyProcity

Who can use it?

For Bottle & Can Redemption Facilities, Waste and Recycling Collection PRO's, Scrap Recycling Locations and Grocers


Recycling Locations and Professionals: Find out how RecyProcity can help YOUR business operate EASIER and MORE EFFICIENTLY!


What Type of User are you?

Register as a Recycler


For the everyday busy individual, business or group.
1. Easy + Fast Beverage Container Recycling: Redeem Bottles & Cans using Drop & GO! - Your FUNDS will be in your account within 24-36 hours after drop off.
2. Recycle From HOME or WORK: POST Advertisements on the RecyProcity Exchange - Negotiate with ALL Recycler PRO's to arrange a pickup or drop-off. Make or SAVE MONEY recycling your junk! Post an "Asking Price" for materials of value like bottles, cans, metals, appliances, ect. Post an "Offering Price" for JUNK you need GONE at a desirable price.

3. FREE to download and there are NO subscription fees. There is a 5% transaction fee for all transactions

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Register as a Recycler PRO


For Scrappers, Recycling Businesses, Waste Removal Professionals, or PROACTIVE individuals who want to MAKE MONEY recycling.
1. SEARCH Ads on the RecyProcity Exchange - Negotiate with Recyclers to arrange a pickup or drop-off. Businesses can expand their customer base -Individuals who regularly redeem recyclables can PROFIT even more by picking up materials from other local users.

2. FREE to download, with NO subscription fees. There is a 5% transaction fee for all transactions. 

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Register as a Facility


For Bottle & Can Redemption Centers and Scrap Recycling Businesses.
1. Process Drop & GO Beverage Container Orders - Recyclers bag, label and drop-off eligible bottles & cans at YOUR LOCATION. Verify, adjust (if necessary) and payout order at YOUR CONVENIENCE, within 24-36 hours.
2. Process Face to Face transactions with customers who prefer to be paid electronically.

3. FREE to download, FREE 30 day trial. $8.99/ month service fee, with NO contracts, NO cancelation fees or penalties of any kind. If the app doesn’t fit your business needs, cancelation is simple.

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Register as Multiple User Types

Registration for multiple user types is possible, but a different email address and phone number must be used.  

Free STRIPE payment option

RecyProcity users have the option to register and pay/receive payments with STRIPE.  It's FREE to sign up for STRIPE, and it allows users to transfer in-app wallet cash into and out of their bank accounts.  

Other payment options include: debit/credit cards and Cash.   

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I Blame Your Dad: A Scrap Metal Mom Blog

"My name is Mindy Leslie and I am the Owner/Founder of I Blame Your Dad: A Scrap Metal Mom Blog. I am a Certified Scrap Metal Dealer in Nebraska. Our Family Owned and Operated Recycling Facility has been servicing in our community for over 100 years."

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Our Story

"There's gotta be a better, EASIER way..."

Co-founder Chris Hauser and his oldest daughter, Joyanna.

We are the Hauser Family, inventors and pioneers of this incredible App that we believe will change the face of recycling forever. 

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