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Walden, New York, United States

The future of recycling is only a click away


Learn about this patent pending mobile app and how it is going to revolutionize recycling and put money in YOUR pocket!

At A Glance

Stop throwing away money!


The Recyprocity App  streamlines the recycling process, offering innovative ways to keep money in your pocket.


How RecyProcity can work for YOU


Schools, Restaurants/Pubs, Entertainment Venues, businesses of all kinds, even waste management companies, find out how you can benefit from RecyProcity

Who can use it?

For Bottle & Can Redemption Facilities, Waste and Recycling Collection Services, Scrap Recycling Locations and Grocers


Recycling Locations and Professionals: Find out how RecyProcity can help YOUR business operate EASIER and MORE EFFICIENTLY!


Recycle Bottles and cans like a boss with 'drop & go!'

Redeeming your beverage containers has never been easier, faster, or than with RecyProcity's Drop & GO! Feature.  Stop NOT redeeming your bottles & cans because of the hassle currently involved.  With RecyProcity, put that money in YOUR pocket, on YOUR schedule.

Scrapper's Delight

The amount of money thrown away in the trash each day is astounding! Many people feel it isn't worth the effort to turn their junk into cash, but with RecyProcity, users can connect with Scrappers & Upcyclers in their community and MAKE or SAVE MONEY easier than ever!

Make & Save money recycling...easily...even from home!

With the RecyProcity Exchange, post your recyclable items OR just stuff you want gone, along with an 'Asking Price', 'Offering Price', or Donation.  Negotiate with all other users AND waste removal professionals to make OR save money getting rid of your junk! 

Profit from materials of value, like beverage containers, metals, appliances, ect.

Save money removing other junk or trash by negotiating the most cost effective removal options with our comprehensive network of users & waste removal pro’s.

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Live Transaction App Flow

Invoice generated by the paying user or facility.

The RecyProcity App flow is simple and straight forward, making face to face exchanges more efficient.

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Drop & Go Transaction App Flow

The "generate order" form is easy to use and allows users to tally items all at once or as they go.

RecyProcity empowers users to prepare beverage container bags at home for a simple drop off at a selected facility, Saving time, recycling properly and making money!

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RecyProcity Exchange Transaction App Flow

Users can view all posts and potential exchange partners on our network.

Recycle from home simply with a click of a button.  Negotiate an asking price or offer to pay other users to come and pickup your bulk items and save money!

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Our Story

"There's gotta be a better way..."

Co-founder Chris Hauser and his oldest daughter, Joyanna.

We are the Hauser Family, inventors and pioneers of this incredible App that we believe will change the face of recycling forever. 

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