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The future of recycling is only a click away

The future of recycling is only a click away

The future of recycling is only a click awayThe future of recycling is only a click away

Welcome! Find out how The RecyProcity App can benefit your Redemption Center:

The RecyProcity App can be used by other bottle & can redemption centers. If you are interested in offering our app at your center, or want to find out more about how RecyProcity Drop & GO can take your center to the next level, fill out the contact form below. The RecyProcity App takes the waiting and hassle out of the redemption process. Some centers are faster than others, but with RecyProcity - customers never wait on line. Ever. 

How it works for Redemption Centers

Register and Login as a REDEMPTION CENTER


Register with us as and login as a Redemption Center.  Our easy to navigate app menu allows multiple device usage at each location.  Customers looking to redeem items will be able to find your facility based on their location.  

Customers enter order details & select YOUR location from home


Customers will enter the quantity, number of bags, pictures of sealed bags, and select an approximate time of arrival.  Users will select the desired drop off facility, which sends notice directly to the selected facility's QUEUE upon doing so.  An app generated LABEL/ORDER # is generated, which can be printed and attached or written clearly on each bag, to identify the order/customer.

Orders are sent directly to a selected facility's QUEUE


Upon a user selecting a drop-off facility, notification is sent directly to that facility's QUEUE.  All incoming Drop & GO! orders will appear in a facility's QUEUE to inform the facility in advance of the incoming order.  Once arrived, the customer drops the bag(s) off at the designated drop off area and selects "Arrived", at which point a notification of arrival is updated in the facility's queue.  The facility will have 24-36 hours to verify and process the order at their convenience.

Select, Verify, Adjust (if necessary) & COMPLETE!


When ready to process an order, simply select the customer/order # from the QUEUE.  Verify item eligibility and count, adjusting the amount if necessary.  Select 'Pay Now' and the refund value will  be paid from your PayPal account into the customers PayPal account.  *Customers can scan item SKU bar codes with the app at home to confirm item eligibility based on state/country and brand.   Facilities can also scan item SKU during verification to confirm item eligibility*

Write a Review (optional)


Both customer AND redemption center have the opportunity to rate each other following each transaction based on accuracy, efficiency and overall friendliness.  ALL users have a rating score based on 100%, to help all other users and facilities make informed decisions with whom they chose to transact with.  All redemption facilities reserve the right to deny use of the Drop & GO! feature to any customer, for any reason they see fit.

Registration Request form

Registration Request Form


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