Launching mid-May 2019!

Walden, New York, United States

The future of recycling is only a click away

How It Works

Drop & GO! Transaction (For Bottle Deposit Only)


Save time and be efficient. Pre-count and bag your items from home,  attaching a customized label/order number that can be dropped off at a participating facility for verification and funds transfer directly into your linked account.


The RecyProcity Exchange


Post your items and quantity on our customized network for all other users to view and select for pickup.  Negotiate a price for your item(s) and make money right from home OR hire another user or waste removal company to come and remove your junk!


What can be recycled?


There is a GIGANTIC list of items and materials that can be recycled, many of which may shock you!  Here are some common items recycled regularly in your neighborhood.

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