Our Team

Christopher Hauser



An avid recycling participant, Chris would recycle weekly bottles & cans as a hobby at first, to see how much he could save.  Frustrated with the inefficiency of the current available recycling options, he decided one day that he had endured enough torment and would set out to fix this dilemma  once and for all! And here we are...

Gennine Hauser



Gennine brings much experience to the table, receiving her B.A. in English Literature from Lehman College, and her M.S. in Counseling from Mercy College.  She helped create and articulate our patent information, and is responsible for deciding to take the leap and undertake this venture.

Purabi McAllister


App Design Engineer, AppyPie, LLC

A special thanks to Purabi for customizing our vision and bringing this project to life! Faced with a difficult task, she systematically designed each app function perfectly, and created a logo and app icon we could not be more proud of! 

Harshit Varshney


App Development Engineer - Admin Panel

AppyPie, LLC

Rishabh Gupta


App Development Engineer - Android App

AppyPie, LLC

Pradeep Mohanto


App Development Engineer - Design

AppyPie, LLC

Akash Gaur


App Development Engineer - iOS 

AppyPie, LLC

Mohammad Belal


App Development Engineer - API Developer

AppyPie, LLC

Kumar Guarav


App Development Engineer - Quality Control

AppyPie, LLC

George W. Fox


Director of Communications - RecyProcity

George has been with RecyProcity since its inception and is an “original founding member” of the team. A native New Yorker, George brings over two decades of logistics experience throughout the Northeast United States.   He is an active recycler who has a strong drive to make the bottle and can redemption process easier for everyone! 

RecyProcity is made possible by ALL of our hard working and dedicated teammates.  Each and every individual brings something special to this project.  Since it’s inception, the app has been crafted by this very talented group and has been sculpted to what it has become today through each individuals’ contributions.

We appreciate every one of our team members and are excited to see what new additions to RecyProcity they will bring forth in the near future!