RecyProcity Visual Tour

Here’s a brief walkthrough of the app and its AMAZING capabilities!

redeem bottles and cans like a boss!

Redeeming your beverage containers has never been easier, faster, or than with RecyProcity's Drop & GO! Feature.  Stop NOT redeeming your bottles & cans because of the hassle currently involved.  With RecyProcity, put that money in YOUR pocket, on YOUR schedule.

Scrapper's Delight

The amount of money thrown away in the trash each day is astounding! Many people feel it isn't worth the effort to turn their junk into cash, but with RecyProcity, users can connect with Scrappers & Upcyclers in their community and MAKE or SAVE MONEY easier than ever!


With the RecyProcity Exchange, post your recyclable items OR just stuff you want gone, along with an 'Asking Price', 'Offering Price', or Donation.  Negotiate with all other users AND waste removal professionals to make OR save money getting rid of your junk! 

Profit from materials of value, like beverage containers, metals, appliances, ect.

Save money removing other junk or trash by negotiating the most cost effective removal options with our comprehensive network of users & waste removal pro’s.

An introduction to Recyprocity

Our co-founder Chris Hauser explains how The RecyProcity App came to be and how recycling is about to change for the better in a BIG WAY!

You will NEVER view recycling the same again! (Must Watch!)

Co-founder Chris Hauser explains how the current recycling system makes it unnecessarily difficult for people to obtain the redemption value of many materials.  Thankfully, the RecyProcity App will provide solutions for users to maximize profit while recycling properly!

A world without RecyProcity looks like this:

A prime example of how inefficient our current recycling system is.  On paper, systematically feeding a machine, receiving a redemption ticket, and redeeming it for the appropriate funds is easy!  Unfortunately, life does not always work out that way! Long lines, out of service or filled to capacity machines and difficulty finding a retail staffer to help are real life experiences we face every day trying to recycle.

Many locations throughout the US and in the EU have begun to realize that a better, more efficient method of recycling needs to be established.  Reverse vending machines are beneficial, however issues need to be addressed, especially in high volume regions, to more effectively process user's items in a timely, non-frustrating way.  Offering RecyProcity IN ADDITION to machines at locations can solve the inefficiency problem overnight.  User's can simply drop off their bags and move on!