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Mindy Leslie: Certified Scrap Metal Dealer, Teacher, Blogger, & MOM!

My name is Mindy Leslie and I am the Owner/Founder of I Blame Your Dad: A Scrap Metal Mom Blog. I am a Certified Scrap Metal Dealer in Nebraska. Our Family Owned and Operated Recycling Facility has been servicing in our community for over 100 years.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Items like plastic bottles, cardboard, papers, and clothing are important parts of the Go Green Movement. Aiding in the cycle throughout the world. One section of recycling that may not be as popular is scrap metal recycling. These metals include copper, brass, aluminum, lead, and iron. These metals are often thrown in the garbage as the knowledge and sources for recycling are limited. I am here to help educate the world on the many benefits of turning metal into cash.

I strive to become really big in this industry and a leader in the Go Green Movement. Being environmentally responsible is what I aim for the world to be. Recycling your metal accomplishes lots of major environmental goals, conserves landfill space and preserves natural resources. Reducing the need for mining is in reach, and scrap metal recycling is a big step in the right direction.

I am touring the World, educating others about the Benefits of Recycling Metal for cash. For the first time ever, I am offering my training in a  Live Two Hour One-on-One Course. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate scrapper I have beneficial information to share with you. I also offer an Electric Motor Master Course, for Recycling Centers, that details how I make $15,000 in profits in just 8 hours and how you can too! You will never send another electric motor to the shredder again!

Don't wait for me to visit your town, sitting in an audience with unanswered questions. Take my course today and start earning income tomorrow! Start a side hustle or full-time business, and let me teach you how to do it. My courses are guaranteed to increase your profits and knowledge of metal commodities.

Visit my website at to sign up for my courses and learn beneficial information about metal. 


Learn how to scrap like a pro

Scrap Metal Basics Course

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Have questions about scrap metal recycling OR want to learn how to get the most money for your scrap? Mindy Leslie will show you how.  Her Scrap Metal Basics course is PERFECT for the novice scrap recycler.

Scrap Metal Basics

Master Electric Motor Course


Already an avid scrapper but want to up your game?  Own a scrap metal dealership and want to learn how to maximize your yield?  Mindy will show you how to make a minimum of $15k in 8 hours extracting copper windings from electric motors...without a shredder!

Master Course

Scrap Metal Mom Blog


Stay tuned to Mindy's blog as she frequently publishes very interesting articles, scrap metal recycling tips and tricks to help you maximize your profits.  Don't throw anything away before checking with Mindy first!  You could be throwing money away with your trash.

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