The RecyProcity Exchange feature allows users with items of scrap value to connect directly with businesses OR other individual users to arrange a transaction. A user POSTS their items on our network,  along with item(s) description, asking/offering price (depending on whether or not the material has scrap value or is just junk someone wants removed for a price) and the user's location. ALL OTHER USERS, including FACILITIES & INDIVIDUALS can view posts, which appear as "icons" on a map, and communicate with the posting user to arrange a "pickup" or "drop off".

 For example, many people are not the scrap recycling type, but they may have a significant amount of scrap, appliances, building materials, ect. that they want to get rid of. There are many active "Scrappers" and other users that frequently bring materials to scrap yards anyway. With the RecyProcity App, those scrappers can profit exponentially more by utilizing our network and picking up more scrap from people in their local area. The materials eventually make there way to facilities like yours, but YOU can also reach out directly to posting users and inform them of your facility's daily rates and location. 

*The RecyProcity Drop & GO! feature, for bottles and cans, can be used at ANY facility location, including scrap recycling locations.**


The RecyProcity Exchange feature connects users with each other AND recycling professionals to provide the easiest and most cost effective choice for the removal of recyclables or trash. 

Users can post their location, items (recyclable materials of value OR landfill bound trash), and either an "offering price" for junk, or an "asking price" for materials of high scrap value. All other users, both waste removal professionals AND individuals who might want to make money, can view and negotiate with the posting user to arrange a pickup.

 Individuals and businesses that may not need regular waste removal can now have an avenue to request service from local companies at the best rate possible during the times that they do need service.

  Users can post requests for roll-offs, regular or semi-regular trash pickups as well.

 Posting users are viewed as icons on a map, and simply selecting the icon will display the details of the post. EVERYONE will have the ability now to shop and communicate with local waste/recycling removal professionals when they need material removed from their locations. 

NOW companies can expand their customer base easily while being able to know exactly when and where pickups are requested. ALL USERS will be able to view waste industry professional businesses in their area, and will be able to communicate with them easily and directly through the app as well.


Register and Login as a 'Recycler PRO'


Register and login as a 'Recycler PRO', which allows ALL other users to view your location and business contact information.  Our easy to navigate app menu allows multiple device usage at each location.  Customers looking for scrap/waste removal services will be able to find your facility based on their location.

View & Communicate with ALL local users looking for scrap/waste services


As a Recycler PRO, ALL users seeking scrap or waste removal services will be able to view and connect with your business easily and directly.  PRO icons are distinctive on our network, and all users in the surrounding area will identify your business immediately.    View and communicate with ALL posting users within as big a radius as you'd like.  By selecting a posted Advertisement, all user/order specifics are then visible.

Review Posts and Arrange Pickup OR Drop-off Details


ADS can be reviewed by selecting a user's icon from the network map OR in list view, appearing in order of closest proximity to your business location.  Pictures of materials/items are attached to ensure specifics are as accurate as possible, and to give waste removal professionals a rough idea of size.  Location, contact information and either 'Asking' or 'Offering Price' (depending on whether items are scrap or trash) are posted clearly.  Container or Roll-Off service requests can be seen in the customer details overview as well.

Negotiate with Posts of Interest


For ADS of interest, if the customer terms set in the post are acceptable, selecting "send request" will notify the posting user, and a confirmation code will be sent.  The job or exchange specifics would be performed as per the initial post.

If the initial post terms are not immediately appealing, select "negotiate" and send the customer your counter-offer.  Whether for scrap item drop-off, bulk trash removal or container/dumpster service, negotiations can continue until terms are agreed or either party ends the communication.  

Payment is Made


For Scrap Recycling Facilities, secure and traceable payments can be made directly to the posting user upon the exchange.  A traditional cash option is also available.

For Waste Removal Services, a posting user can pay the negotiated fee directly to you through our secured payment portal.  A cash payment option is available as well.

*All transactions are subject to Federal, State and Local Tax*

Write a Review (optional)


Both Customer AND Recycler PRO have the opportunity to rate and review each other following each transaction. The assessment is based on accuracy, efficiency and overall friendliness.  ALL users have a rating score based on 100%, to help all other customers and professionals make informed decisions.  All users reserve the right to chose with whom they transact with and  have the ability to make informed decisions based on previous transaction reviews.  

registration Request form

Registration Request Form

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