Launching mid-May 2019!

Walden, New York, United States

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How RecyProcity can work for YOU

Individual Recyclers & Upcyclers


Whether you recycle already or have yet to realize the money left in your garbage can, RecyProcity can help you make and save money! Bottles and cans are only the tip of the iceberg. Appliances, electronics, metal, paper, cars, furniture, leftover building materials, and literally anything you don't want or need anymore is fair game with us! Put money in your pocket with your old junk! Search our network for the most affordable waste removal options for your non-recyclable trash, too!  

Redemption Centers & Scrap Yards


Grow your customer base and offer current customers the easiest bottle redemption tool ever developed. Search our network for "on-demand" recycling/waste removal customers.  Reduce wait times, long lines, overflowing machines, and all the discrepancies that go along with the manual process.  Profit more, work smarter and offer Recyprocity at your locations. 



Every school in bottle redemption states can raise THOUSANDS of dollars a year by using RecyProcity. Money for books, field trips, supplies and so much more can be raised, all while teaching our children the importance of caring for the environment. Search for the most affordable waste removal options, and let waste removal businesses compete for your business!

Food service/Restaurants/Event Venues


Maximize profits with the recyclable items disposed at your establishment with RecyProcity. Whether you are a Pub that currently redeems deposits through your vendor, or a small cafe looking to be more economical, RecyProcity offers the most efficient way to redeem and keep track of your items sold.

Scrappers & Waste Removal Professionals


Many of you already travel to homes and businesses regularly.  RecyProcity can help you expand your customer base  while offering a unique new "on demand" service for your existing customers.  Drastically reduce recycling contamination and unsorted items.  Say goodbye to searching randomly for new business and showing up at a site only to find the items have already been picked up! Work smart, not hard! Use RecyProcity, and see for yourself the difference it will make in your daily operations. 



Rally your co-workers to save their bottles/cans and see how much money you can raise collectively! Save money on waste removal by searching our network for  the most affordable "on demand" waste removal options.  Let the professionals compete for your business, and if possible, make a few bucks, too!