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The future of recycling is only a click away

The future of recycling is only a click away

The future of recycling is only a click awayThe future of recycling is only a click away

How RecyProcity can work for YOU

Individual Recyclers & Upcyclers


Whether you recycle already or have yet to realize the money left in your garbage can, RecyProcity will amaze you.  Our founders are everyday working people who saw the problem of inefficient bottle redemption and fixed it.  We made the process of turning bottles & cans into cash easy, hassle free and most importantly: PROFITABLE.  The amount of money an individual or family can make redeeming empty beverage containers will make your jaw hit the floor.  It’s a stigmatized process that until now has netted state and federal governments millions of dollars.  Now it’s time for you to get a piece.  Try it for a few months. Redeem your empties with RecyProcity and let us fatten you’re bank roll.  



Every school in bottle redemption states can raise THOUSANDS of dollars a year by using RecyProcity. Money for books, field trips, supplies and so much more can be raised, all while teaching our children the importance of caring for the environment.  Redeeming Empties for cash or using our app on a whole school or individual classroom level can bring in thousands of dollars for students.  RecyProcity Redemption Centers offer pickup service for residential, commercial and educational locations weekly.  

Food service/Restaurants/Event Venues


Maximize profits with the recyclable items disposed at your establishment with RecyProcity. Whether you are a Pub that currently redeems deposits through your vendor, or a small cafe looking to be more economical, RecyProcity offers the most efficient way to redeem and keep track of your items sold.



RecyProcity gives small, medium and large scale businesses the ability to keep money in their pockets.  Instead of paying a waste removal company to haul away more cash, collect all empty beverage containers and either register for weekly pickups or use our Drop & GO feature.  RecyProcity makes it easy to obtain the redemption value of employees‘ empty bottles & cans. Keep that money in house with us!